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SAP MM (Materials Management) is a vital module in the SAP ERP system that supports procurement and inventory management processes. S4 HANA, as previously mentioned, is the latest version of SAP’s ERP suite built on the SAP HANA in-memory database platform. Here’s an overview of SAP MM in S4 HANA:

  1. Procurement Processes: SAP MM in S4 HANA covers the end-to-end procurement cycle, including purchase requisitions, purchase orders, requests for quotations (RFQ), vendor evaluation, and purchase contract management.
  2. Material Master Data: The material master contains detailed information about all materials used in an organization, including raw materials, finished goods, spare parts, etc. S4 HANA enhances data processing and access to real-time material information.
  3. Business partner: SAP Business Partner Screening for SAP S/4 HANA is used to centrally manage master data for business partners, customers, and vendors. Business Partner Application allows you to create, maintain, and manage business partners. You can also use this to perform integration with other functions and data exchange.
  4. Purchase Requisitions (PR): Purchase requisitions are created to request the procurement of materials or services. They can be converted into purchase orders.
  5. Purchase Orders (PO): Purchase orders are formal requests to vendors for the supply of materials or services at specified conditions and terms.
  6. Request for Quotation (RFQ): RFQ is a formal request to vendors to submit quotations for specific materials or services.
  7. Vendor Master Data: Vendor master data contains information about all the vendors/suppliers that an organization deals with, including contact details, payment terms, and evaluation data.
  8. Inventory Management: SAP MM handles inventory management, including goods receipt, goods issue, stock transfers, and stock adjustments. S4 HANA provides real-time insights into inventory levels and movements.
  9. Goods Receipt (GR): Goods receipt is the process of receiving materials into the organization’s inventory, triggered by a purchase order or other procurement documents.
  10. Goods Issue (GI): Goods issue refers to the process of withdrawing materials from the inventory for consumption or shipment.
  11. Stock Transfers: Stock transfer functionality allows you to move materials between different storage locations or plants within the organization.
  12. Invoice Verification: Invoice verification involves verifying vendor invoices against purchase orders and goods receipts to ensure accurate payment processing.
  13. Material Valuation: SAP MM in S4 HANA manages material valuation methods, such as standard price, moving average price, and actual cost.

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